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Emergency Taxi Service LLC

Rates for ETS

  • Anywhere in Warrensburg city limits $8.00
  • Anywhere in Sedalia city limits $10.00
  • Damage Fee $50.00 ( Vomiting, Smoking)
  • Out of City Limits Base fee of $10.00 then $1.50 per mile
  • Kansas City Airport $125.00 from Warrensburg (With UCM or Military ID $100).
  • Kansas CIty Airport $155.00 from Sedalia (With Student or Military ID $130)
  • Call for rates to St. Louis, Columbia, or Springfield Airports
  • In Warrensburg on Pine Street to UCM Campus $5.00 Students only


Please call us if you have any questions thank you.



  • Should I tip my driver?  While tips are not required and will not reflect the services rendered, drivers do appreciate any and all tips.  ETS Drivers keep 100 percent of their tips and if you feel you have received exceptional services then feel free to tip.
  • How soon should I schedule my ride?  While riders can call literally up to the last second and still receive service, it is best especially if scheduling a long run to call a day in advance.  If you are scheduling a local run it is best to allow about 30 minutes to an hour.  If you do call at the last second, do not worry.  We will still make every effort to get you where you need to be in a timely fashion.
  • Can I smoke in the cab?  No.  Smoking is not allowed.  Smoking in the cab will result in a $50.00 fee.
  • How far will you take me?  If you are willing to pay we will take you the entire way.  Our cabs have been as far as New York City, NY.
  • Do you charge for multiple passengers?  NOPE.  One cab, one price, always.
  • Do you charge for multiple bags?  Nope, but we also are not a moving company.